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Topic: PC OS Reset now ASIO no good WASAPI don't work All great before now ERROR ERROR !!! [SOLVED]
I am totally and utterly confused here.
Using Windows 10 latest updates, with Denon MC 6000 Mk2 controller
VDJ Pro Infinity Licence latest V8.5-63 b6156
So had to totally reset my OS 2 days ago, and of course all apps deleted, personal data and files OK
Now I cannot get my Mic to work through either the Denon controllers or using a separate mixer into Line 1 (because the gain on the Denon mic input is so low plus I use condenser mics needing 48v phanton power)
Every setting for Inputs, like every setting is ERROR, OK if I use WASAPI for Outputs as in = Master Line 1/2 (Denon DJ MC6000MK2) (WASAPI) / chan 1&2 / 44.121ms 2o
Fine I get audio through the server and broadcast
But Inputs ie Mic ? ERROR ERROR
I read here that ASIO are now not used and it has to be WASAPI but what is wrong here?
I am supposed to be broadcasting a live online radio show at 9.30pm just over 2 hours away and I have no mic at all.
Been working on this for hours.
Give me vinyl and a mixer and a PA pleeeeease!!
Any help very gratefully recieved, urgent and very very stressed
Thanks Guys

Posted Sat 21 Nov 20 @ 7:17 pm
So a Refresh of the OS also removes Drivers.
I have now reinstalled the DENON MC6000 Mk2 Drivers and just for good measure re-installed the original ASIO Drivers and all working.
Apologies for the stress but I was desperate.

Posted Sat 21 Nov 20 @ 7:34 pm