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Topic: Sampler Bank Layout
RanikiPRO InfinityMember since 2018
I'm not sure if I'm being really dumb..... but playing around with the sampler:

The default 'Instruments' Bank has 12 samples in 3 groups. In the file list these groups are ordered 1-4; 5-8; and 9-12. When viewed in 4 column pad layout in the Sidelist the groups line up in vertical columns.

However if I create a new sample bank with 12 samples in 3 groups, ordered as above...... the groups are organised horizontally in the 4 column pad layout.... and if I add more samples to each group it obviously gets completely scrambled in the layout....

Is there an easy way to get 'groups' to align vertically in the Sampler Pad view, or does this just work with the pre installed sample packs?

Many thanks....

Posted Sat 21 Nov 20 @ 6:34 pm