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Topic: How do I map a keyboard to control the color FX knob?
Hi all,

I'm out of knobs on my Numark Mixtrack Edge, and I want to map my left and right arrow keys on my laptop to control the Color FX knob. I'd like left to turn the knob left, and the right to turn it right. Is there anyway to do that? I've mapped these keys to both equalizer_filter in Keyboard Mapping settings, and equalizer_filter_activate. Neither give me the desired effect. In fact, nothing happens now when I press those keys. What am I doing wrong? Thanks all!

Posted Sat 21 Nov 20 @ 4:35 pm
Assuming you want to use it at the filter knob so you have a visual in the skin..
Probably want to map a button to filter_selectcolorfx to select what color fx you want to use (or use drop down at filter knob in skin)

Then for the arrow buttons simply map filter -1 and filter +1 to apply the color fx in each direction

(for non keyboard buttons that dont repeate themselves, you might want to add a repeat for button pushed, but should not be needed with keyboard keys
repeat 250ms & filter -1 and repeat 250ms & filter +1 )

Posted Sat 21 Nov 20 @ 6:21 pm