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Topic: Easy and free program to output a nowplaying file for your encoder
I run a community radio station and we have a couple of dj's that use radiocaster to encode to multiple stations. They were using the play2text plugn which works but it doesn't remember anything once you close it and it isn't as simple and easy to use as it could be - for example it took me a while to realise i had to change the history delay in virtualdj so we decided to create one that does it all automatically.

This program waits for changes in the current history file and writes the last line of the history file into a .TXT in the default location:

It will change the history delay for you - This is set to 3 seconds.

All you have to do is install it open it. Once installed it will be on your desktop as "GFM DJ Helper App" The location of the txt file will always stay the same.

So if you use radio caster or a similar encoder and you want to send the current song playing to your radio set it to read from file and select the file above. Simples.

Screenshot of program -

Download here - Moderator if you wish to share your program please upload it to Atomix for review -

Please Note: Due to microsoft developer license issues you may get that annoying smart screen warning - make sure you press more info and run anyway.

Hope this helps a few people.
Thanks for reading.

Posted Sat 21 Nov 20 @ 12:56 am
MorMacHome userMember since 2020
This is actually quite good thank you

Posted Sat 21 Nov 20 @ 1:12 am