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Topic: transfer my playlists to another PC
Hi there,
I know this has been covered in genral in several posts, but I did not find a solution to the following scenario.

Computer A has VdJ2020 installed with sevaral playlist pointing to .mp3 files which are stored on a cloud. So the file path in computer A sounds like E:\OneDrive - computerA\mymusicfolder\

I installed VdJ2020 and normally suggestion is to copy the vdj playlist folder and the database to computer B. But the point is that the cloud is seen from computer B in a slightly different manner, for example D:\OneDrive - laptopB\musicfolder\.

Also, I would like to have the same playlists, always synchronized. Example: I modify something (adding files to some playlist, changing BPM etc...) and would like to find the same updated scenario on computer B and viceversa. I guess this migth be a common scenario also for those using external drives on multiple PC which are often seen with different paths.

Thank you so much for your kind help!

Posted Fri 20 Nov 20 @ 10:47 am
So I guess you are using OneDrive to sync between the computers then?

Should work by itself. if you set up OneDrive the same way both places, at least in theory.

Posted Fri 20 Nov 20 @ 11:49 am
yes one drive. The point is that the file path in the two computers is not the same. Not sure how to make them equal, expecially the drive letter (which is different)

Posted Mon 23 Nov 20 @ 5:29 pm