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Topic: Christmas visuals
Please can you make a better selection of Christmas visuals see below for a few ideas.
1. A fire place with Santa magically appearing in the fireplace (Full screen shot of the inside of the fireplace)
2. Santa appearing inside the screen an tapping on the glass
3. Santa Dancing
4. Snow men dancing
5. Holly and Baubles
6. Santa in sleigh with reindeer whizzing across the screen with happy christmas banner trailing behind (Similar to the Witch one you have for Halloween but with santa)
7. dancing xmas trees

Posted Sun 15 Nov 20 @ 5:57 am
Might be some made for easy download ;-)

But its quite easy to also just create your own.
Simply download some Christmas visuals you want to use (videos, or gifs).
And create a sample bank and drag and drop the visuals you want onto the sampler.

Thats it, your own Christmas visuals ;-)

(and if you want, you can adjust position, size and transparency in the sampler editor for each sample)

Posted Sun 15 Nov 20 @ 3:56 pm