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Topic: VDJArtnet in CDJ 2021 64 Bit not compatible, OS2L not complete
Hi, i use the VDJArtnet plugin a few years to send info to my QLC+ program.
latest update of VDJ to 2021 64Bit, the VDJArtnet is'n compatible anymore.
is there a solution for?

I 'll try the new OS2L function, but i missed the option to setup some scripts like i have in VDJARTNET
-get_position & param_multiply 255 & set $VDJartnetsend
-deck 1 play ? set $VDJartnetsend 255 : set $VDJartnetsend 0 : deck 2 play ? set $VDJartnetsend 0 : set $VDJartnetsend 255
-get_bpm & param_cast integer & set $VDJartnetsend
-param_greater get_beat_bar 12.5% ? set $VDJartnetsend 255 : param_greater get_beat_bar 25% ? set $VDJartnetsend 0 : param_greater get_beat_bar 37.5% ? set $VDJartnetsend 255 : param_greater get_beat_bar 50% ? set $VDJartnetsend 0 : param_greater get_beat_bar 62.5% ? set $VDJartnetsend 255 : param_greater get_beat_bar 75% ? set $VDJartnetsend 0 : param_greater get_beat_bar 87.5% ? set $VDJartnetsend 255 : set $VDJartnetsend 0

Posted Sun 18 Oct 20 @ 7:59 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
what version of VDJArtnet do you use ?

the incompatible part is only the config tool

it looks like you use one of my build with limited usage (toggle only)

I finalized a compatible & extended version i use for years now with a rewritten config tool being external
however there are some tiny differences with buggy original
specially config files being per deck and handling 4 universes, config tool handling ports
multiple instances as per deck ... as far as the network config differ...

the other hand depending on how you configure QLC+
"get_position & param_multiply 255 & set $VDJartnetsend"
is a request done by VDJArtnet to VDJ when setting the corresponding DMXchannel

repeat_start dmxpos 120ms -1 & get_position && param_multiply 2.55 & os2l_cmd 1000
repeat_start dmxpos 120ms -1 & get_position && param_multiply 2.55 & os2l_cmd "DMX-1"

will start a loop sending position to QLC+ OS2L channel 1000 aka "DMX-1"

defined like this in .qxi input profile file

<Channel Number="1000">

deck 1 play ? set $VDJartnetsend 255 : set $VDJartnetsend 0 : deck 2 play ? set $VDJartnetsend 0 : set $VDJartnetsend 255
is a buggy script
things like that can do
repeat_start dmxdeck 120ms -1 & deck 1 play ? get_text `get_constant 255 : get_constant 0 ` & param_cast int & & os2l_cmd "DMX-1"

As it looks like an Artnet plugin "DMXArtNetNtx" is becoming a request these days i uploaded it (no config file)
(plugin64 bit only, config too 32bit app ... i missed the source code, and was it using Form that can't compile anymore )
review pending for both plugin & config tool

Posted Sun 18 Oct 20 @ 10:21 pm
Hi Nicotux,
i downloaded version win 0.2.1, put this file in the plugins64\autostart folder, togheter with the config and preset files.
any idea how i can try this in de VDJ64 bit version?

Posted 5 days ago @ 9:20 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
it never been designed to work like this, (even it is possible, but i can't test this folder as a home user )

I uploaded a version installable from within VDJ

it install itself in soundeffects (or move it to soundeffecs) and data stay in plugins/DMXArtNetNtxData or plugins64/DMXArtNetNtxData

and it needs the external tool VDJArtNetConfig in the same data folders
(only available from site)

select the plugin as you want, i.e.master deck audio or deck1
open gui
click config

(there are some example in the data folder)

you get the tool to set ip and port and universe and refresh rate and packet skip
and 512 lines each one representing 1 dmx chanel

enter a name and a script in a channel
i.e. : in channel 1 beat pos & get_beat & param_multiply 255 & set $VDJartnetsend
save and quit
click refresh
and activate plugin

every script have to send values between 0..255 to control a dmx channel directly
(there are other, i.e. 256 "do not touch chanel", but need some documentation)
value is store in variable $VDJartnetsend all dmx chanel sharing this variable

plugin can run in multiple decks as long as destination IP differ
only one universe at a time

for big scripts, the middle button toggle the available cell size between 1 or multiple lines

Posted 5 days ago @ 10:41 pm
i installed the config files in:
and the DMXArtNetNtx.dll file in
i can open VDJartnetConfig.exe, added a script rule to it.

when i try to open the DMXArtnetNTX in the master deck audio or deck1, there is still a remark after this: DMXARTNETNTX (Incompatible)

i use VDJ V8.5-64 b6106 (virtual DJ2021)
Any clue what's going wrong?

Posted 2 days ago @ 9:22 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Even with no config the plugin must run, in default mode (localhost default artnet port DMX universe1 no channel defined) and create the needed empty datafile where it want it
As this is the 64bit version it needs uptodate Windows10 and latest runtime

maybe missing only standard dependency needed is missing : VCRUNTIME140.dll MSVCP140.dll
(this install automatically only with apps needing it, but not with standalone plugins)

(VDJartnetConfig.exe is 32bit only and was created with 2017 builder, plugins are 32 bit and 64bit and were created with 2019 builder)

Posted 2 days ago @ 5:08 am
Hi i installed the visual C components.
i can now open the config in VDJ.
this is the setup: op;port6454;universe0
added a vdj script. in row 1

no packages recieved at het QLC+ side.?
do i used the right port? there is no setting for this in QLC+

Posted 23 hours ago
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Yes i & friends use it for years
tested again today

but win10 20H2 seems to brake a lot : plugin do not stop & crash VDJ when used with effect button for me
and so need an update ^^

maybe you forget the input profile ?
just create a profile to match DMX512 in QLC+ and select it for your mapping:

i.e. : name RawDMXSliders
Type : DMX

and map the chanels :
1 dmx1 slider
2 dmx2 slider

may be long for all 512...

so take some help using powershell script

in powershell execute script: from your home folder

clear ; for ($i = 0 ; $i -lt 512 ; $i++ ){ $j=$i+1 ; echo "<Channel Number=`"$i`">`n <Name>dmx$j</Name>`n <Type>Slider</Type>`n</Channel>" >> .\QLC+\InputProfiles\rawdmx.txt }

create profile with no chanel
exit QLC+
edit ...\QLC+\InputProfiles\RawDMXSliders.qxi

copy the content of "rawdmx.txt" and paste in "RawDMXSliders.qxi"
between line
and line

start QLC and select profile RawDMXSliders

Posted 20 hours ago
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
final file will look like (with the typo^^)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE InputProfile>
<InputProfile xmlns="">
<Name>Q Light Controller Plus</Name>
<Manufacturer> YOURMANUFACTURER</Manufacturer>
<Channel Number="0">
<Channel Number="511">

Posted 20 hours ago