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Topic: dmx lighting
I want Virtual dj to do the dmx lighting with out ant other software. for Mac please but the lights must be audio driven like using the mic function on it please?

Posted Mon 19 Oct 20 @ 11:28 am
An integrated DMX Software would make VDJ much more expensive and not everybody needs it.

Just use SoundSwitch for MAC. Its working much more better then a microphone activated lightshow.

Posted Mon 19 Oct 20 @ 12:51 pm
VirtualDJ can work with many different DMX solutions, all are bpm driven.

Either using the native OS2L protocol that many DMX software supports, or Ableton Live (that connects VirtualDJ to many different sort of apps)
And there is also the SoundSwitch solution.

Some on OS2L here:


Ableton Link supported apps/products:

Posted Mon 19 Oct 20 @ 4:17 pm