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Topic: DDJ-WeGO CTRL buttons remaping
duda_ceControlleristMember since 2013
Hello all,

I want to change the default mapping of my DDJ-WeGO CTRL A button so it can be used to change the vocal stem. My intention is, when CTRL A is activated, to reduce the vocals while turning the jog wheel counterclockwise until kill and increase back up to zero (original vocal, not increasing past zero until + 100%) while turning the jog wheel clockwise. Any ideas of a script?
Just to let you know, differently from the FX buttons I'd like to have the original vocals (zero?) every time I activate the CTRL A button instead of memorizing last state, pretty much how it works for Key (default CTRL A action) and filter (default action for CTRL B).

Just to let you know, here are the default mapping scripts for Key and Filer functions:
CTRL A (in VDJ FX1 button) change Key: "var 'fxKey' 1 ? key 0 & set 'fxKey' 0 : set 'fxKey' 1 & touchwheel_touch off"
CTRL B (in VDJ FX5 button) change filter: "var 'fxFilter' 1 ? filter 50% & set 'fxFilter' 0 : set 'fxFilter' 1 & touchwheel_touch off"

Thanks a lot!

Posted Sun 18 Oct 20 @ 3:17 pm