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Topic: How to customise the browser record
mkearHome userMember since 2020
I want to change the record slightly in the playlist. There's an icon to the left of the line, that gets a red line through it when the song has been played. I'd like to change that so it's much more obvious when a song has been played. Towards the end of a program, when I've got about 60 songs in the playlist and 50 have been been played (I dont necessarily play them in order from top to bottom) it can take too long to find a song that hasn't been played. IF i could change that icon on the left to something much more obvious it would speed that process up.

I have found where i can manipulate the XML for that line but it doesnt seem to include the specs for the content of each line. How can i change the icon on the left of the line? And can I add or remove columns from the listings there? (e.g. number of times played )

Mike Kear
Windsor, NSW, Australia

Posted Sun 18 Oct 20 @ 7:47 am
Changing the icon requires you to edit the skin and include your own custom icons.
Changing the browser columns shown is as simple as right clicking on a column and selecting what you want visible and what not.

Keep in mind that VirtualDj has 2 different settings though.
One for the browser in general, and a second for playlists only.
So depending on what you are browsing (a folder or a playlist) browser columns may vary, but you can set both as per your taste

Posted Sun 18 Oct 20 @ 8:28 am
mkearHome userMember since 2020
Thanks for your response. I'm a professional web developer so I'm at ease with XML and graphics, but where do i find the icons I'm looking to change? I've found the various graphics for the decks and backgrounds etc and the icons for the folders. The ones i'm looking to change are in the browser, in the first column, to the very left of the line - right next to the songtitle. The icon i'm talking about has three versions -

[1] two music notes,
[2] the same but with a green dot, (incidentally, what does teh green dot indicate?)
[3] and the same with a red line indicating it has been played.

If i wanted to make changes to the iPad remote app, is that possible too?


Posted Sun 18 Oct 20 @ 10:30 pm
The Green Dot or more precisely the Green Star means recently added to the database in the last 7 days.

Here is List of Basic Icons and the Overlays, from the manual.

Posted Mon 19 Oct 20 @ 6:26 am

Posted Mon 19 Oct 20 @ 7:08 am
mkearHome userMember since 2020
Thank you IIDEEJAYII. That's what i'm looking for. All i need to do is allter the "already played" icon to something that will stand out more for me. Brilliant!!! Where are these icons though? I didnt see an /icons folder anywhwere . i looked for something like that but couldn't find it.

If you can help me with that bit then I think I have what I need and i can leave you all alone. I have a smile on my face now though - i think i'm close to doing what i want and i think it's likely to be easier than i thought.

Mike Kear
Windsor, NSW, Australia

Posted Mon 19 Oct 20 @ 7:30 am
The default/standard icons are embedded in the exe. Those are used unless the customicons code is added to the skin (see link above).

Posted Mon 19 Oct 20 @ 8:03 am