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Topic: read Denon Engine library (Playlist / create / flexible Beatgrid...)

A great new feature to add :

When Denon Engine prime official V1.6 (not Beta) will be ready :

- >Feature : read directly DENON ENGINE library with :

_ Playlist /create
_ Tags
- Beatgrids : static or dynamic (new flexible Denon 1.6 Beatgrid, i think it's easier to edit Flexible Disco/funk BPM with DENON ENGINE software than the VDJ EDITOR, and i use Beta to convert from ENGINE 1.6 to VIRTUAL DJ )
- all Hotcues/loops

it will be great : for example with my SC6000 :
when i'm in STANDALONE mode : DENON ENGINE library used from SC60000 internal hard drive, and when i use VIRTUAL DJ in COMPUTER MODE, read the same internal SC6000 HDD (already avalaible from PC/MAC in Computer mode).

To have the same library and beatgrids between the Computer mode / standalone mode.



Posted Sat 17 Oct 20 @ 11:00 am