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Topic: improved error reporting
I've seen a lot of reports of glitches, freezes and other issues with VDJ on the forums. That reminded me on how the Open Broadcaster community handles this: OBS Studio generates logs that can be read or directly uploaded from the software to their own servers. You can then use the link it gives to to go to Discord or their forums where when you post the link, a bot will parse the information and display a little embed with the most important information or significant setting changes that are known to potentially cause issues.
They've essentially build a small system to streamline the reporting process and to remove some of the necessary back and forth between users and support (volunteers) by making the users bring a lot more valuable information right away.
I think this is something that Atomix should consider in order to reduce the time required by both users and support to solve issues, and to gather statistical data about what configurations or hardware is known to cause issues in order to make VDJ work on more popular hardware.

Posted Thu 15 Oct 20 @ 1:35 pm