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Topic: [Request] Virtual DJ Waveform song structure
I have been searching for some time, if there is a way to scan and show for a track the structure of the composition. I switched over from Rekordbox and this is the only thing that I miss from this beautiful peace of software.

Rekordbox has a feature that analyzes a track than on the waveform it displays the Intro/Outro, Chorus, Verse 1,2,3 etc. which makes mixing easier.

I know Virtual DJ is a standalone software, I was just wondering if everything similar is available as a plugin or setting or something.

Posted Fri 02 Oct 20 @ 8:35 am
This structure at Rekordbox is not for mixing, it is for RB-DMX1.

Posted Fri 02 Oct 20 @ 1:51 pm
I know but it's very useful also for mixing.

Posted Fri 02 Oct 20 @ 3:10 pm
VDJ has many uses, from a radio playout use, a song into field, that also can be set to countdown would be valuable addition, any skin do this?

Posted Mon 16 Nov 20 @ 8:46 am
You can turn on Remix Pads in the performance pad section.
That will show some auto markers at break downs etc. Not quite the same, but similar ish. But at least something for now..

Might be updated a bit in future, since stems might allow more markers no with vocal detection etc.

Posted Mon 16 Nov 20 @ 11:16 am