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Topic: SC6000M dual wafeform

I've a SC6000M and X1850.

Congratulations to Atomix, great integration.

But i should be nice, to have a specific SC6000 skin, that use the Screen potantial (bigger than SC5000), to show, for example, the other waveform of B when we are on A, or when we use A to B, like the display of CDJ3000. and change the layer more quickly by touching the waveform.

It could be a killer feature.


Posted Wed 30 Sep 20 @ 5:45 pm
Does the SC6000M support this when running in standalone mode? If not, it might not be possible from Atomix' side.
I really wish i had 2x SC6000's + X1850 :D

Posted Wed 30 Sep 20 @ 6:12 pm
The onboard OS (Engine OS) doesn't show dual waveforms at the moment, but there was a Laidback Luke video which showed some currently unknown device, like a screenless SC6000, next to a normal one - which was showing dual waves.

This suggests that dual waves may be coming in the future, but possibly only when the mystery device is connected.

When used with VDJ, the screen just displays what is sent to it from VDJ, so could potentially be anything.

Posted Wed 30 Sep 20 @ 7:11 pm

And it works :

I've just modified the .xml SC5000 file, see :

so it's already possible. Please ATOMIX, make it official :)

Posted Wed 14 Oct 20 @ 7:19 pm
good youtube link, that show that is already possible to have DUAL SCRATCHWAVE of the other Deck, in the SAME SC6000 with VIRTUALDJ 2021 :

my modified demo SKIN :

Posted Wed 14 Oct 20 @ 9:27 pm