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Topic: Song menu: Search similar songs
Song menu:
Search similar songs
ONLY THE SAME SONG is always selected, if it is e.g. a REMIX that has added the (remixer in brackets) in the TITLE line.
program this SEARCH FUNCTION in such a way that the entries in the brackets are NOT relevant, but ONLY the "free text" is used for the search.

Posted Fri 25 Sep 20 @ 9:12 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Remix is already removed when searching for similar songs

Posted Fri 25 Sep 20 @ 9:21 am
Hello Anion,
THIS is correct,

So there is NO possibility to find (same) TITLE over DIFFERENT INTERPRETS and it is not fulfilled to find "similar songs", but ONLY title variations of THE SAME interpreters.

What I want is to find "similar songs", whatever the menu bar is called and that means ALL SAME TITLES (without the remixer addition) AND ABOUT ALL available artists.

So the NOW selection function is NOT programmed, because the performer is ALWAYS taken IN ADDITION.

Posted Wed 14 Oct 20 @ 9:01 pm
There are many different cases hardcoded at VDJ. Searching similar songs is just one of them. It would be nice to make them all adjustable.

Posted Wed 14 Oct 20 @ 9:16 pm