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Topic: Live Broadcasting to Live365 song looping/buffering issues for first few minutes
I've been having problems for several months when we broadcast live to our internet radio platform hosted on Live365. The first 1 or 2 songs we play, listeners will hear the music/audio "loop" and/or "buffer". (Think of it like a vinyl record skipping). The song(s) will eventually "settle down" and play all the way thru after a lot of looping/buffering over and over. The broadcast then continues normally for as long as the broadcast continues (usually several hours). However, those initial couple of minutes are a bad experience for listeners and I'm wondering if there is any setting which would help address this. This doesn't appear to be an issue with Live365 itself since I've used Mixxx also and do not experience this problem. Any of our DJs that use Virtual DJ have the issue. We have a couple that use Mixxx and it does not occur. Any help appreciated, thanks!

Posted 4 days ago @ 1:57 pm