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Topic: Thank You for Tidal addition
Thank You for the Tidal addition! Some few questions since it's still Early Access:

1. Is offline access possible? Let's say I made a playlist while online and can't get internet access at the venue or some sort of ISP hiccup?
2. Are hot cues (etc) saved?
3. Can access Higher fidelity: FLAC versions. In my case I have HIFI Subscription, though I was getting 320kbps(in early access), not bad, FLAC would be great.

Otherwise, again, thanks a lot for this addition!

Posted Sat 12 Sep 20 @ 12:55 am
1. No
2. Yes (via Virtual DJ's database, they won't get synced via Tidal to other computers automatically)
3. No FLAC (yet)

Posted Sun 18 Oct 20 @ 1:46 pm