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Topic: Unstability on a new versions
I updated my VDJ 2 days ago, and had 2 crashes, on versions b6042_pc and 2021_b6067. Before update, i used version 2018_b5186 maybe about a year and never had any problems. That crash happened luckily not while dancing, notebook just lay on the table about 30-40 min and vdj was running in the background. When i came back i saw that VDJ is not working anymore and i need to start it again. And my sidelist was reseted, so it was crash 100%. It happened again today. After that i installed version 5186 again, its absolutely stable for me, but i loved new stems option and i'd like to use new version ofcourse.
So, its happened twice only when vdj was working in the background, and i'm not shure if that problem exist while programm is active.
My OS is Windows 10, laptop with core i5, 8 gb ram, no heavy programms was running in the background when it happened.

Posted Sun 30 Aug 20 @ 5:24 pm
No crash logged to account I think, but might come later if you connect the computer to internet so crash logs can be sent..

So both crashes was due to inactivity, for long time?

Posted Sun 30 Aug 20 @ 7:36 pm
Laptop was connected to internet after that happened. And both times it happened after 20-30 min inactivity, yes. But in never happens before, in the same situation. And I"m shure I can't close programm by myself and forgot about it, because 1. Never do it before party is complety over, and 2. Sidelist after restart was clean, like before I start VDj first time today.
And where can I check my crash logs?
If it's not crash, I have no idea, what else it could be.

Posted Sun 30 Aug 20 @ 9:21 pm
I've noticed loads of issues with my DDJ 1000 after the update, sometimes it says no device drivers and when i do get it connected and working for some reason it randomly disconnects from the controller with either a spinning icon on the controller or says no device drivers, sometimes it usable other times the faders, etc do nothing.

Really wish I hadn't of updated before my 18 hours radio show on Saturday, completely ruined the day having to continually restart the software and/or the controller.

Posted Tue 01 Sep 20 @ 6:03 pm
Few days later i still have problems with stability. I can't open programm again, after i close it (got message "vdj is already open" many times, and i have to kill it in ctrl+shfit+escape tab), you can see it here
Ot sometimes i just cant open it after it's been in background for a while and need to kill it again in task manager.
And once it crashed with "bzzzzz" sound (happened, 3 days ago). Windows is absolutely stable here, no ony another programms have problems. Its just started after i installed new version. I was trying to delete Vdj and install it again, it doesn't help. I've cheked VDJ folder, but didn't find any crash logs there.
So, what else can i do to handle with that problem?

Posted 4 days ago @ 5:26 pm