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Topic: VDJ 2021 Live skin problem EQ's and FX
Hi everyone, I've noticed that the VDJ live skin video has been working badly for a few months. All actions performed during the set appear and disappear correctly except the EQ's (no steam mode). Sometimes they disappear without warning but as soon as an EQ's knob is touched, they reappear to remain permanent. I am attaching a link where the same controller is used with VDJ 2021 and VDJ 2018 and the problem occurs only in VDJ 2021:

Attention, the video is not updated, I noticed that after the last update of VDJ also the FX 2 button remains permanent in the Live Skin.

Thanks to our team for your attention

Posted Wed 12 Aug 20 @ 6:48 pm
There have been several updates but the Live Skin problem has not been solved and it is really annoying to use during a video set in fact I was forced to disable it. Can you tell me if you are working on solving the problem? Thank you

Posted 4 days ago @ 9:54 am