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Topic: Mp3 Recording
Hi. When I record a mix when I'm finished the file is sent onto the desktop. Ive noticed the file hasnt now got a mp3 logo on it just a plain white file picture. I can drag the file over to virtual dj and it will play normally. But when I click on the desktop file to open it the file is unrecognised as a mp3 music file. Would this be a virtual dj issue or computer setting? Thanks in advance.

Posted 7 days ago @ 7:24 pm
LIMOLPRO InfinityMember since 2003
In the record tab, is the file format correctly selected in mp3? like the picture.

Posted 7 days ago @ 9:06 pm
Yeah its set on mp3 default audio format.

Posted 6 days ago @ 6:00 am
LIMOLPRO InfinityMember since 2003
check the notches if they are similar to the picture

Posted 6 days ago @ 8:35 am
The differences I have are record quality is on high and record write que file is set on yes.

Posted 6 days ago @ 10:00 am
Tried it again with same settings as you have no still a blank white file on desktop.

Posted 6 days ago @ 10:06 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Does the filename you selected in the record tab include .mp3 as extension?

Posted 6 days ago @ 12:38 pm

Posted 3 days ago @ 2:09 pm
LIMOLPRO InfinityMember since 2003
1) go to vdj folder delete Setting file, start vdj and try to save as mp3.
if you still have the same problem

2) try to see if you can record with audacity in mp3,
this is to see if it does not come from windows with the file Lame_enc.dll

Posted 3 days ago @ 2:38 pm
Hi. I deleted the setting file and I cant record at all at the moment!

Posted 2 days ago @ 4:53 pm