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Topic: VDJ2021 v8.5-64 b6042 Analyze for BPM
xylumeControlleristMember since 2015
It seemed right after the latest update (I have beta updates turned off) my tracks are analyzing strangely. I have to hover my mouse over the analyzed tracks in order for them to reflect the changes of harmonic key, duration, and bpm.

I can't find anything wrong with my computer and rebooting didn't resolve the problem. Is this an isolated event or did something change with the latest update?

Posted 7 days ago @ 12:02 am
Not seeing that here, but you are having quite a few more songs in your screen..

experimentalSkinEngine on? and if so, same if you turn off?

Posted 7 days ago @ 10:33 am
xylumeControlleristMember since 2015
My experimentalSkinEngine was set to Auto and now that I've turned it off, it's working like normal again. Thank you!

Posted 7 days ago @ 12:27 pm