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Topic: Roll back the hardware/pad-page link, or make it optional.
Please undo the pad page update that broke my entire setup, or at least let us opt-out and remain on the old system where independent pad status may be selected per-controller in the mapping menu. I have more man hours than i am comfortable admitting in creating the custom mappings and pad pages I use at performances. DJing is my sole vocation, and the performances I have put on since the update have all suffered in quality from not having pad buttons available in real-time. Having to scramble to manually load grand entrance songs back to back for the bridal party, then bride and groom, while keeping dead air from happening in between, all while having to read my promter, and make the introductions and manually attenuate the music for talkover during the announcement was not fun!

Posted Wed 22 Jul 20 @ 11:46 am
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Posted Wed 22 Jul 20 @ 11:52 am