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Hello Again Virtual DJ Forum Friends,

I have the VMS4.1 controller.
From the VDJ website I downloaded the VMS4.1 Operation Guide. (Very useful!)

I have a question about alternative mapping and the pitch bend (in the guide on page 7, buttons 19 & 20).
Judging from what the guide says, I’m in the alternative mapping mode because when I press the pitch bend buttons, the deck assigns change (and I like this feature).

My question is, How do I identify what buttons are in the alternative mapping mode? And how do I take something out of the alternative mapping mode.? I tried going to the config screen and looking at what it says about the VMS4, but it shows it to do a pitch bend.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post.


Posted Sun 19 Jul 20 @ 3:22 pm
Hello Everyone.

I found the answer.

I did a google search on "VDJ alternative mapping" and it led me to the mapping section in the user manual. I read the info and from there, took a look at how my things were mapped.

I saw that I had a factory default mapping mode, a factory default browser mode mapping, and a custom mapping. I discovered that I was in the custom mapping mode, so I took a look at the other two mapping modes and under the factory default browser mode mapping, I found this......device_side 'left' ? deck 3 leftdeck : deck 2 rightdeck.

I did a copy and paste over to my custom mapping and now all is good to go.

just thought I'd share with everyone just in case it helps somebody out.


Posted Tue 21 Jul 20 @ 2:12 am
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Posted Sat 17 Oct 20 @ 3:29 am