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Topic: New to Virtual DJ: How to CDJ HID Same as USB workflow?
Hey friends :)

I DJ with 3 CDJs (2 2000NXS and 1 2000NXS2 via USB). I love it a LOT. though I am exploring SoundSwitch and so I have been testing Serato and Virtual DJ. I feel like Virtual DJ may be a better choice for this. However, I can't seem to get the CDJ to behave like a CDJ behaves when using a USB. Any help would be great.

For example,
1) [WORK AROUND: MAPPED THIS TO THE LOOP MODE BUTTON] The 4 bar loop feature is weird. It doesn't seem to start the loop from when I hold it down. I think it's a beat late?
2)The call buttons. I set up cues in all my tracks that I like to quickly move to, then tap on the Cue button to bring into the track. Right now they seem to just adjust the loop out point.
3) Sync seems to be different as well. On the CDJ, all 3 of my decks are always running on beat. Whenever I let go of the Cue button it's on beat. When I deactivate the sync on a CDJ it's not synced. Click and it's activated. I can't figure out what is going on with the sync buttons in Virtual DJ HID mode. Seems to work fine in the software but on the CDJs I get blinking buttons and a solid button on the other deck after having to nudge it into sync. Is it possible to simply let the cue go and it be in sync?
4) And this would really just be brilliant, anyway to display the Key in HID? This would be such a winner for me. I am not using the laptop because it's running Resolume and Ecamm for my stream so I can't see virtual DJ.
5) How does the tempo on one deck control the tempo on another deck? Currently changing tempo slider just destroys the beat match.
6) what's the best practice for using my Rekordbox library? I still need to export to USB for shows.

Thanks in advance! I really like how quick the app is. I enjoy seeing virtual DJ immediately recognize my decks. AND THAT BEATGRID EDITOR IS SO RAD :)

Posted Sun 19 Jul 20 @ 7:22 am
The 4 bar loop feature is weird. It doesn't seem to start the loop from when I hold it down. I think it's a beat late?

- Enable smart loop on the software decks. Then holding the Loop In button on the CDJ 2000NXS will create a 4 bar loop.

Posted Sun 19 Jul 20 @ 10:06 pm
user22381562 wrote :

5) How does the tempo on one deck control the tempo on another deck? Currently changing tempo slider just destroys the beat match.

Can turn on pitch lock. In the default skin, you can do this at the small settings cog icon right next to the deck cue buttons
After that the are locked, until you unlock. (will be a lock icon next to pitch slider to control that)

Posted Sun 19 Jul 20 @ 10:13 pm
Thank you! I wasn't aware the skins also determined what settings you have access to.

Sync... I hade to enable Auto Sync Play.

Posted Sun 19 Jul 20 @ 10:17 pm
user22381562 wrote :
I think it's a beat late?

Not entirely sure what you meant about that part..
But yes, its probably smart loop as you mentioned.
Alternative, Quantize (click the small dot near the loop area to set/unset)

Posted Sun 19 Jul 20 @ 10:18 pm
weird. I'm having that loop problem again where it's not setting the loop in where I hold the button down. it starts the loop on the next beat. with smart loop or quantize on.

Posted Sun 19 Jul 20 @ 10:26 pm
user22381562 wrote :
it starts the loop on the next beat. with smart loop or quantize on.

With quantize on it starts on the closest beat, perhaps thats what you mean
quantize (if set to 1 beat in settings, you can set lower), will "snap" to the 1 beat

Posted Sun 19 Jul 20 @ 10:38 pm
This behavior is happening regardless of Smart Loop or Quantize being enabled :/ I really had it working and then, it stopped. Not sure what happened. But every time I hold the CDJ Loop In button for a moment, it starts the loop on the next beat. (Looping in the software works as expected)

Posted Sun 19 Jul 20 @ 10:44 pm
I returned back to mapping the Loop Mode button to Loop 4. Works the same as a 2000NXS2 and it appears to be less confusing to me :)

Posted Sun 19 Jul 20 @ 11:17 pm
First of all I assume you are talking about the CDJ-2000NXS:

1) The 4 beats loop not being in "correct" place is due to the delay introduced by the fact that you have to hold the button for it to engage
Change the mapping of the LOOP IN button to:
wheel_mode "loop_in" ? wheel_mode "jog" : loop ? wheel_mode "loop_in" : pioneer_loop_in & holding ? play ? loop 4 & loop_move -1000ms : loop 4

2) Change the mapping of the call buttons to:
loop ? loop_half : goto_cue -1
loop ? loop_double : goto_cue +1

Posted Mon 20 Jul 20 @ 12:52 pm
thanks! that works just great. I noticed on my 2000NXS2 the call buttons already mapped this way however they don't respond. They work when in loop mode to change the loop length, but not for skipping through the cue points. Any ideas?

Posted Wed 22 Jul 20 @ 6:45 am
3) Sync is "momentary action" in VirtualDJ, while in Rekordbox it's a "mode" that you toggle on/off
Every time you press sync in VirtualDJ it matches the BPM of the deck to that of the master deck. Also IF the deck is playing it will match the phase as well by using the CBG.
After that, if you don't mess with the track attributes it should stay synced. However, changing pitch, using jog, e.t.c. won't force the track to keep in sync with the other deck
5) You can enable the automatic pitch lock option in VirtualDJ. When auto pitch lock is enabled, the pitch sliders of your decks will lock and work together when tracks are synced. When tracks are NOT synced they will work individually
4) I don't remember about CDJ-2000NXS, but 2000NXS2 shows key on upper right side of screen.
Normally NXS2 is mapped to use VirtualDJ key. Unfortunately due some firmware technical limitations it's VERY RISKY to try to get the "key" section of the screen to read information from other field instead of "key"
This limitation doesn't exist for title though.
Since both CDJ-2000NXS and NXS2 always show title on screen, remap the "TEXT_TITLE" to get_title - get_key (or get_title - get_comment, or even get_key - get_title etc)

Posted Wed 22 Jul 20 @ 9:52 am
thanks for that tip! though, nothing seemed to change. my decks read:

Artist - Song Title

In mapping, I selected the deck.
Edited to get_title - get_key
Also tried get_key - get_title
Also tried without underscore.

Posted Sat 25 Jul 20 @ 12:52 am
Sorry, my mistake...
Try this:
get_text '`get_title` - `get_key`'


get_text '`get_key` - `get_title`'

Please notice the ` symbol... And if you're using a MAC don't try to copy/paste the code above... Type it directly

Posted Mon 27 Jul 20 @ 8:21 pm
thanks for your help.

I mapped TEXT_TITLE to:
get_text '`get_key` - `get_title`'

I typed it. didn't copy and paste. still, Artist - Title

I dunno

Posted 4 days ago @ 3:54 am
Did you save the changes and restart VirtualDj?

Posted 4 days ago @ 11:06 am