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Topic: Re: MacOSX Catalina
Hi, Is Virtual DJ 8 compatible with MacOSX Catalina?

Thanks, Scott

Posted Fri 17 Jul 20 @ 4:36 am
Yes it is and has been since Catalina launched.

The challenge with a new OS is whether the drivers for your peripherals work (sound card, DJ controller etc)

But as we are approx 2months from the release of Mac OS Big Sur, I’d imagine you should be good with Catalina by now.

Posted Fri 17 Jul 20 @ 8:41 am
Okay thanks for info.

Posted Fri 17 Jul 20 @ 10:29 pm
Will there be a delay in Virtual DJ being compatible with iOS Big Sur?

Posted Thu 12 Nov 20 @ 8:47 pm
redlining93 wrote :
Will there be a delay in Virtual DJ being compatible with iOS Big Sur?

Probably already is...
Been quite a few users with the Big Sur beta, running VirtualDJ just fine ;-)

And historically speaking, VirtualDJ always been ready at new OS updates.

If your hardware is ready, is perhaps the question to ask. Quite a few of the macOS updates have "broken" prior drivers due to bigger changes in the OS.
For most hardware the brands will have drivers either already ready, or quick updates. But do keep an eye on the brands site.

And for older controller, there is always a risk that at one stage, the drivers will not be updated, since the controller is deemed past its lifetime.
But thats usually 15-20 year old controllers, and few and far between ;-)

Posted Thu 12 Nov 20 @ 9:02 pm

Posted Thu 12 Nov 20 @ 9:06 pm
garethHome userMember since 2020
Hi . Do you know if the Hercules MK4 will work on Big Sur that has just updated on my Mac Pro? I had issues when I pulled out my old machine to play around with but had playback issues when using the Hercules sound card on the unit. Playback was slow and stuttering.

Any help putting me in the right direction to get this sorted would help.

Posted Fri 13 Nov 20 @ 1:12 pm
You need to check with Hercules.

Posted Fri 13 Nov 20 @ 1:15 pm
DJiAN_62PRO SubscriberMember since 2020
Is Virtual DJ working ok with Big Sur. I upgraded. now when I launch VDJ it takes a while to load all the Tags . and all tracks have the green star of a recently added track. Will this be rectified .

Posted Fri 20 Nov 20 @ 11:22 pm