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Topic: Language [issue with Hebrew encoding]
kfir013ControlleristMember since 2013
Hello there,

I have problem with the language, there is anyway to fix it?
My song are in Hebrew. I don't need the program in Hebrew, but at least MY SONGS.... most of the song shows up as ??????? ??? ????? (something like that)

any idea?

Thank you! :)

Posted Mon 29 Jun 20 @ 10:18 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
That may depend on your OS and the default font used by the skin/browser
I use to have songs in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Angul, Arabic, Hebrew
in addition to any Latin & Cyrilic mixed with no problem using Win10 2004

because folders look like they are well display, and Artist Title too
the problem look either like old time "codepage" issue in tags or browser font not supporting hebrew charset
IBM Codepage 862 / ISO 8859-8
x-mac-hebrew / Codepage 10005
when VDJ expect UTF-8 or unicode

Posted Mon 29 Jun 20 @ 10:44 pm
kfir013ControlleristMember since 2013
Thank you.
So, should I try to change the font in the program itself?

Posted Mon 29 Jun 20 @ 10:54 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Default Skin "Essentials" layout is using "Arial" on all systems as default for Skin and Browser
It should not be possible to have Skin to display OK and Browser not to display!
if track infos were badly encoded, they should not display correctly in skin as well as in browser
the problem here is Artist Title display OK in skin but not in browser both presumly using the same font
(and working well here) really uncommon

maybe try see how artist/title display in tag editor and try to get "artist/title from filename" again (right cog between Atrist and title) in tag editor
to see if the problem comes from trackname/tags

Change font in the program itself ? not sure,
Arial being one of the more universal fonts widely used by internet browsers

Posted Mon 29 Jun 20 @ 11:30 pm
kfir013ControlleristMember since 2013
I'm not sure how I can fix it, beside go one by one and re-tag it. :O
* in the tag editor itself (attached screen shot) it showed under "TAG INFO" - File name in Hebrew. ???? interesting.

Posted Mon 29 Jun 20 @ 11:44 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014

Posted Tue 30 Jun 20 @ 1:32 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Could you send me one of the files so I can have a look?

Posted Tue 30 Jun 20 @ 6:10 am