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Topic: Restructuring Folders/Files
i am restructuring my entire folder/files. What's the best way to get the database in sync with the new structure and forget the prior files. preventing from getting file error when load any files from the prior structure because it can't find the files.


Posted Mon 29 Jun 20 @ 1:10 am
I first have my music folders saved as Favorites (yellow icons) and I use Control+A to select all, then right-click File operations, then Move To to organize or consolidate my music within folders. VDJ will prompt you to choose which folder you'd like to choose.

If you do this within VDJ you won't have a database problem or missing/cannot find file location error(s) that keep things tidy. I've moved files from small folders into larger folders this way, then deleted the empty folder in the OS afterward.

Posted Mon 29 Jun 20 @ 2:54 am