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Topic: drag and drop to a playlist doesnt work correctly
Hi there,

if i will drag and drop a song to a playlist, then nothing happens. Take a look to this picture, im moving the mouse to the level of the 80ies playlist (behind the text) and the playlist will be highlighted:

If i will go with the mouse "over" the text "80ies" then im able to drop correctly, also a tooltip appers correctly:

This unusual, because, in Windows, when a row is highlighted, this means: im in the right row and i can make some action there. I know this now and i have kept in my head that i need to go with the mouse "over" the text itself. But if i will do this 10 times (as example during a gig), ive detected that ive not made it correctly 2 times. Please expand the "drop" area to the whole row.

(The "drag" area is on full row already. I can drag and drop the playlist, when i click it "behind" the text):

Posted Sat 27 Jun 20 @ 11:12 am