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Topic: Broadcaster GFX - Neon (Theme) - Page: 3
If you want to assign camera to deck, it sort of imply that you need to use the effect on the deck (aka dual deck video mixing). Else its a single source , and camera is there to use as source.

The different skins made might use the source, camera etc in different ways, but thats just a skin thing. In the particular skin here, it doesnt use camera on decks, it uses camera as master effect. And can activate on single click from its corresponding pad page (does not need switch to dual deck video mixing)

Posted Thu 15 Apr 21 @ 10:49 am
It seems that you're misunderstanding me.

I'm saying there needs to be an easier way of using more than one camera, and selecting between them.

When we're using master effect (as in this skin) there's no easy way of selecting which camera to use, or switching between them (with a skin or controller button).

Posted Thu 15 Apr 21 @ 11:17 am
For general use if you have 2 cameras, you can switch easily via script
Camera 1 : deck master video_fx_slider 2 0%
Camera 2 : deck master video_fx_slider 2 100%

(cant use name though, but can use the selector without)

Posted Thu 15 Apr 21 @ 11:27 am
The problem really is that the camera selection is controlled via a rotary knob.

When you open the camera settings, there's no list of cameras - it just shows a number. The names only show once you begin rotating the knob. How is the average user supposed to know what % to set the script?

For example I currently have 5 "camera" sources, but not all of them are actually cameras, or necessarily active at the time.

This list can also change, as the user modifies their setup - which then would break the suggested script, because the % position would change.

When I use the mouse to turn the knob, VDJ freezes (presumably because some sources are not active) and although I can select my camera, I have no idea what percentage of rotation the knob is at. I would have to randomly try different % in the script until it worked.

The whole thing needs to be made easier.

[edit] Also, wouldn't the script need to specify which video effect is being used? If for example I have another effect in that slot, the script would adjust the slider of the wrong effect.


Posted Thu 15 Apr 21 @ 11:54 am
Yeah it could be made easier to control the Camera FX..
But for how the script should work.. Although if you have 5 cameras, you need to figure out how much percentage the knob turns for each, so that can be a bit of a hassle .. .

And if the camera is not the active video fx, you need to add that to the script (video_fx_select) true..

(if it freezes when you move between 5 camera sources, that sounds more like a bug though)

Posted Thu 15 Apr 21 @ 12:01 pm
it always freezes when changing
this bug has always been

Posted Thu 15 Apr 21 @ 12:07 pm
No freezes here, but might depend on what camera, its drivers etc.

Posted Thu 15 Apr 21 @ 12:14 pm
I have

1. OBSBOT Tiny, 2. Logitech C930e, 3. ATEM Mini Pro, 4. Elgato CamLink
with all the latest drivers and it always freezes !!

when one camera is attached it works. As soon as two or more are attached it freezes!


Posted Thu 15 Apr 21 @ 3:23 pm
Benz, do you also notice that when you switch between cameras, or switch a camera on/off, the beginning of the video is playing too fast?

I only use one webcam most of the time, but I have noticed that if I turn it off, then when it's turned back on, it appears as if the video data/stream runs to catch up and the first second or so is too fast.

Posted Thu 15 Apr 21 @ 3:39 pm
I have not noticed that

But there should be an on / off switch for each camera,
then the problems would be gone

Posted Thu 15 Apr 21 @ 4:00 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
I notice this depending on stream format the camera driver delivers
looks like some codecs are buffering frames (may be due to driver though)
or swap buffer not cleared showing some previous images instead last one
(was very common in early 2K's with butterfly filters needing up to 8 frames at slow rate)

Posted Thu 15 Apr 21 @ 5:25 pm
Late reply but what I have noticed is not the camera, nor driver.
It is USB port and voltage with correct USB cable.

I:e Can't connect cameras to same USB port, one will freeze even if it through a powered hub.
Bottleneck is how many USB ports there are and how each of the cameras actually get the 5V required to be run

It is all about mA (milli Amperes) the Power and motherboard produce.
Noticeable is also that you have a controller connected, some USB stick drives, external soundcard etc

Posted Thu 09 Sep 21 @ 6:03 pm