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Topic: Help with Script to toggle Search
How would I modify this Action shift ? touchwheel_touch 'search' : touchwheel_touch for the Jog_Touch of my controllers platter? This is the Action script for the Key JOG_TOUCH for the controller (Roland DJ-505). Now the controller searches when the shift button is depressed and I move the Touch surface of the platter.

I would like to have it TOGGLE to search mode first time Shift is pressed AND Jog_Touch is touched and have the Touch-Platter surface remain in search mode till it is toggled off with another combo of Shift AND Jog_Touch is touched.

Can this be done in the script of the controller? Or is best done with a custom button?

I am new to VDJ scripting any hints or suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Posted 6 days ago @ 11:23 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
shift ? toggle 'twSearchSticks' & touchwheel_touch 'search' : var 'twSearchSticks' ? touchwheel_touch 'search' : touchwheel_touch

something like this? [didn't test]

Posted 6 days ago @ 11:45 pm
Hi LocoDog

Thanks so much for that script. It still seems to need a something else. (as it did not latch the search mode on )

Using your logic I can get the Search mode to latch on with variations below

shift && jog_touch && var 'twSearchSticks' ? toggle 'twSearchSticks' & touchwheel_touch 'search' : toggle 'twSearchSticks' & touchwheel_touch

shift && jog_touch && var 'twSearchSticks' ? toggle 'twSearchSticks' & touchwheel_touch 'search' : shift && jog_touch ? toggle 'twSearchSticks' & touchwheel_touch

shift && jog_touch ? toggle 'twSearchSticks' & touchwheel_touch 'search' : var 'twSearchSticks' && shift ? toggle touchwheel_touch 'search' : touchwheel_touch

BUT... cannot get it to return to normal NON search mode permanently. ( will return to normal mode if... while touching the platter.... shift is pressed momentarly, and will continue in normal mode as long as the touch is not released, once released it is returns back to search mode)

What do I need to tweak?

Thanks again

Is there a way to see if one is writing bad code as one types it ? IE letting you know you dont have correct syntax or an undefined varible. I am new to VDJ script.

Posted 5 days ago @ 8:31 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
shift ? toggle 'twSearchSticks' -1 : var 'twSearchSticks' 1 ? touchwheel_touch 'search' : touchwheel_touch

maybe that, again haven't tested.

Posted 5 days ago @ 6:39 pm
Hi Locodog

Thank you so much for your incites. That also functions the same as the original script. ( in search mode when shift is depressed, does NOT toggle the search)

I have been trying to understand VDJ script. And if I use your script and change the initial condition to:

jog_touch && shift ? toggle 'twSearchSticks' -1 : var 'twSearchSticks' 1 ? touchwheel_touch 'search' : touchwheel_touch

one sees that the condition is ONLY Shift, NOT Jog_Touch AND Shift. Why is that? How do I create a condition where 2 things have to be true? see video

AND if I interchange order of the
shift && jog_touch ? toggle 'twSearchSticks' -1 : var 'twSearchSticks' 1 ? touchwheel_touch 'search' : touchwheel_touch

Then condition shows only jog_touch. (can show video if you like) Again only one condition. ( and is the last )

Help :)

Any other thoughts, and again Thank you.

Posted 5 days ago @ 10:00 pm