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Topic: Searching For Tracks - VDJ8
Hi All,

Looking for some help.

It seems very random that when I use the search in VDJ8 - I can find a track during one session but then on the next the search doesn't find it and I have to manually go searching for it through my music.
I also find that if I try to rename a file within VDJ the search 100% never finds these tracks even though they are clearly there and working fine.

Is there something I am doing wrong or a setting I don't know about which could help me? It is fine when I have an organised set within a folder but sometimes I like to quickly search for old tracks which spring in my mind and this makes it very difficult.


Posted 7 days ago @ 11:14 pm
I think you have to update all your folders especially when you add new songs to a folder.
Highlight the folder, right click ,batch, add to search db.

Posted 6 days ago @ 10:36 am