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Topic: Instant double Keyboard ShortCut, Like Serato Please Please Please
it is very difficult to load instant doubles on decks. We have (1) stop a deck, (2) eject the deck, then press the instant double button to do this "Very" important DJ function. In Serato, you can use your keyboard short cuts. Please Can you make this an option in the settings please .. it is very difficult to get to the instant doubles buttons? I wish I could midi map a button like Serato. Please Please Please add a settings options where you can midi map a button to automatic have song the playing song be instantly duplicated to the non-playing deck. or look at Serato keyboard shortcuts for Instant double. this would help all Serato DJs who convert to Virtual DJ. This would definitely help the scratch DJs stay with Virtual Dj. Please Please Please Please

Posted Sun 17 May 20 @ 5:26 pm
Use clone_deck or clone_from_deck on a custom button (Serato can't do that).

Posted Sun 17 May 20 @ 5:34 pm