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Topic: Small form factor contollers - Page: 1
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
I'm on the lookout for a [ultra] small form factor controller. [dials and sliders I'm after, buttons I've got in bucket loads]
I've got my full 8KW rig at the other end of the room, but I'm just as comfy with just my laptop into my 40w 18v boombox.
And I'm away from home fairly often so something for my travels would be nice. and I'd also squeeze it in into my full rig for the extra dials]
I don't really care for jogs, pitch etc [the full mini controller experience], if I want to scratch I want my 1210s
Ones I've seen
midi fighter twister looks great, want 2 for my full rig but the "old world" import cost v the dollar cost is extortionate, [make some in Hungary DTT!, or export not via USA (all comes from China, send some the other way)]
akai's AMX looks ok... ish, build quality is my concern.
xone:k2 looks good 4 decks, no xf but you can get single midi xf's can't you?
kontrol Z1, F1 look ok, Z1 basic but native usually make some pretty robust stuff for the price.
reloop mixtour, don't know much about it, other than made in Hungary so nice price for us Europeans
Behringer cmd-mm1, product description looks like the best I've seen, but behringer... they might have come on since back in the day but its a synonym for low quality.
is there a any I missed? maybe a relic of yesteryear I could go hunting for? have you had any of these? maybe some of you carry them as a back up, how long did they last?, what broke?
build quality is first thing I'm looking for, I know at the price all these are I won't get a tank, but your opinions please.
[HW devs too if you have time as you've probably seen them all]

Posted Fri 15 May 20 @ 6:55 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
New contender, style wise it looks like it would go out in odd paired shoes, but it also looks like it was designed by an engineer who took the cosmetics budget and spent it all on the pcb.
Has anyone had any experience with any faderfox gear, they look tank like to me.

Posted Fri 15 May 20 @ 12:17 pm
Faderfox I'd describe as the BMW/Mercedes of controllers - the "business class". :-)

The kit gets glowing reviews on the likes of DJWORX

There's a lot more to choose from on their web site.

I've got a Reloop Mixtour if you need any info.

Posted Fri 15 May 20 @ 4:16 pm
I have the amx. It's decent but slightly dated. I also have the numark edge which to me is more of a toy than a controller But it is really small and thin. I use it with my iPad as it's about the same size

Posted Fri 15 May 20 @ 4:56 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
The faderfox does have me slightly excited, and yes next thing I did after spotting it was checkout the available range, their 16 encoder offering looks nice too, works out the same price as a midi twister so hard luck DTT!

but back to long term reviews
mixtour; worth the money overall? any gripes? is the hardware mapped simple or is it a horrible HWshift layered thing
same questions for the AMX

if say your devices vanished what would your price be for another, assuming you'd buy another, well of course you would if it was going for a stupid low amount. what I'm asking is what would you value one today?

Posted Fri 15 May 20 @ 5:29 pm
I personally think it was worth the money. I bought it to use with iPad/iPhone for gig backup mainly, or for a bit of hotel room tunage.

It feels quite weighty (for a small plastic thing) and the knobs have a "quality" firmness to them when turned. Only the xf has a loose feel. Buttons have a satisfying click when pressed.

OK the meter's a bit rubbish - only 3 LEDs to the 0dB point - but for my intended use I can manage. :-)

It does have few things on shift, but secondary stuff.

Posted Fri 15 May 20 @ 5:47 pm
The amx you will be using the shift button and remapping to your taste. 5 years ago i would have bought another today i would look at the faderfox

Posted Fri 15 May 20 @ 6:26 pm
I've purchased the Hercules DJControl InPulse 200 for $97 on Amazon a while back. The 4 channel sound interface sounds good and the channel faders are better than I've anticipated. After dialing in the latency to 8ms and 512 samples, I think it's the best thing for the smallest controller out there. It's smaller than my computer keyboard by a fair margin and it hasn't failed me yet.

I'll admit the crossfader isn't the best and the buttons are kind of clicky, but it runs VDJ2020 with 4 decks without a problem. Seriously, I like these faders better than two of my old Pioneer DJ600S and Tascam X-9 Pro analog 4 channel mixers which cost me over $1200 each. I'm starting to feel like it's not what you have, but how you use it and spend your money on music instead. I've spent over $2500 on DJ mixers that didn't even have filters and the effects weren't even great.

Posted Sat 16 May 20 @ 7:32 am
Buy a Rane 72 and just run it in Transport Mode....dope!

Posted Sat 16 May 20 @ 9:14 am
OK I know it's not strictly DJ kit, but I want one. I just want one! click here

Oh, and on the subject of small knobs (and faders) - Akai MIDIMix.

Posted Sat 16 May 20 @ 11:45 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Yeah that's what has me worried about akai, those sliders look pretty crusty. but we are talking all of 70 quid so it's engineered to a price.
those Tangents look nice for folk who's computer is their work station [FoH mixer, lightshow, production etc] looks you could throw a set out on one of them.

Posted Sat 16 May 20 @ 12:54 pm
A step up from the Akai - the Novation LaunchControl XL.

Back when they first came out, I always wanted me a Vestax VCM-600, but couldn't bring myself to pay £650 for it.

A while ago, retailers flogged off the very limited remaining stock at knock down prices and I finally bought one. Maybe one day I'll find a use for it!

Posted Sat 16 May 20 @ 1:22 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
god I miss vestax, truly ahead of the curve, blue sky thinkers - went under because they didn't sell tat. sickening
you've got yourself a gem there fella

Posted Sat 16 May 20 @ 2:53 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
groovindj wrote :
Novation LaunchControl XL.

looked at, failed the crusty test on sight, I hear cheap plastic in my head when I look at it, and I've a bug bear with novation, big stupid usbA stuck out the side, I've a launchpad that took damage on the usb port from the cable not being supported.
nothing I couldn't fix but I spotted the point of failure unboxing and still upsets me to this day

Posted Sat 16 May 20 @ 3:28 pm

Posted Sat 16 May 20 @ 3:54 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
some nice gear. [but damn I hate instagram, it's all pornography of some sort] I never really figured out how to have so many interrupts needed for that many encoders on my arduino, well I started but the i/c cost got silly quickly and those led ringed encoders are pricey [that's looking a real places and not those sharks at sparkfun]
but it has kind of inspired me, tensey 4.0, 14 analogue pins, 10 bit ADC, 25 quid, I've a mountain of parts in the FI bucket [the initials rhyme with bucket] I might crack the iron out. nothing better than someone asking "where did you get that?" [tunes/HW/plugins] to reply "I made it"

Posted Sat 16 May 20 @ 4:46 pm
Made or bought anything yet?

Posted 5 days ago @ 6:42 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013

Got one of these babies [currently in Dorsten Germany (DHL export centre) ] [it's like waiting for christmas]
I decided there's more expansion to be had with a bank of encoders than the mixer format [with respect to main rig], as firstly the customisation level is insane.
16 groups, per group 16 settings, 16 encoders per setting, without including shift into the mix (doubling encoder count) that's 4096
Second if it passes muster I'll be going for a second unit the same.

For a straight micro mixer, I'm still eyeing up going the the tensy PLC route as I have a pile of old mixers I could salvage some decent rotary pots from. And there's a ready made sketch for a multi axis joystick (so 10 bit HID)
the plan here is pretty simple one way communication, per channel, 7 rot pots[gain eq colorfx HP LP], 1 linear [gate] and a XF, perhaps some bypass buttons, but this project might be on the breadboard for a bit until I can find somewhere to get some sheet metal done.

Posted 5 days ago @ 8:00 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
It's arrived :)
first impressions;
mass slightly heavier than you would expect for the size, we're not talking much but a little mass is reassuring.
encoders are firm to twist, you're not going to move a dial by brushing past it, and a smooth feel to the encoder as it cogs round [36 step/rotation]
encoder push, nice detent, you're not going to push one accidentally and you can feel when you have pushed.
encoder caps, not much to write home about, light styrene coating, a little grippy but could be better. I think this might be an upgrade to consider when I think about adding some colour to my caps.
The encoders have acceleration settings by default a fast 270 [ish] deg twist will go from 0 to 127, but a slow twist and it takes a couple of revolutions to cover the full range [there are a few settings for this, yet to play]

push buttons, momentary switches with a decent detent, shift button close enough with average size hands to get the pinky on there and a thumb and finger on a bottom row encoder right side, a bit of a stretch if you wanted to use the bottom left two with shift at the same time, if shift and function positions were switched it would have been easier.
Usb port, fits like a glove, no wiggle on either axis,
usb cable, 2 metre 90 degree USB type A, nothing fancy but fit for purpose
minijack to minimidi din, cheap, a little crusty, feels like HDPE on the din and the strain relief is just, eugh. I have no need for it but not representative to everything else.
display; bright, lowest brightness is bright enough for indoors with lights on, will test against sunlight later.
From the factory comes with up to date firmware.

I'm not going to open the case just yet, I want to check out the pcb & soldering, and see what sort of ICs make it tick too but I'll prove it with vdj before I look under the petticoat.

Mapping, not even got into yet I may write up a "def file from scratch" thread as there hasn't been one in a few years.
This is a "out the box" review I'll revisit this when it has some miles on the clock.

Posted 2 days ago @ 3:49 pm
I was just going to ask if there was an editor for it - and there is. It's a page on their site. You have to access it via Chrome to get MIDI comms.

Posted 2 days ago @ 4:21 pm
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