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Topic: key algorithm problem
var $startkeycue 1 ? var $keycue 0 ? hot_cue 17 & set $keycue 1 : key 3 & hot_cue 17

try to bulid a key shift (tone play) for midi keyboard.
all works fine but the key algorithm have pitch problem .
when i shifting the key up the first play is not at the right scale. same for down key is correct pitch.
i think that if you key change & play in the same time its too fast for the software.

try to add timer, the command doesnt work at all (do nothing)
did double check for the vars. everything ok

var $startkeycue 1 ? var $keycue 0 ? hot_cue 17 & set $keycue 1 : key 3 & repeat_start 'waitDoOnce' 50ms 1 & hot_cue 17

i think that the same algorithm problem also do problem when i scratch fast, i get little glitch for the first record release.

Posted Fri 08 May 20 @ 10:17 pm

Posted Mon 11 May 20 @ 6:54 pm
I don't know what you're trying to do, but 'key 3 & hot_cue 5' for instance as an action works perfect by it's own.
Most likely your issue is somewhere with the variables you use and the queries you perform.

Also please note that normally variables should be enclosed in single or double quotes

var_equal '$startkeycue' 1 ? var_equal '$keycue' 0 ? hot_cue 17 & set '$keycue' 1 : key 3 & hot_cue 17

If you brake down the entire action it seems that you trigger hot_cue 17 (without key modification) when variable $keycue is equal to zero
But you never reset that variable.
So effectively, first time you use the above script you trigger hot_cue 17 with it's current key (no mod) and the second time (since first execution alters the $keycue variable) you trigger it with key +3

Posted Mon 11 May 20 @ 10:59 pm
i understand what you say but not the right idea.. reset couse by special button for it. command is ok, even if i shifting between only button 1: key 1 , button 2: key 5 you will here that the first pitch is not correct. it take time to changing pitch.

attached file for proof:

when i shift down all ok
when i shit up, every first click will be 25% less lower then the right pitch then the next click at the same button will be ok

again, this bug also happen i you will make regular key shift that every button have the same "key 1 & hot_cue 17" "key 2 & hot_cue 17" "key 3 & hot_cue 17"

Posted 5 days ago @ 9:08 pm