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Topic: Cannot figure out my headphone mixer - Pioneer DDJ-1000
Aloha, I got a new controller and cannot figure out my headphone mixer.
I've delved into both the manufacturer manual and the vdj reference page for the device as well, and haven't figured out what I'm doing wrong.
It just doesn't work as expected.

I'm using the headphone port built into the controller itself, I believe I have the settings and configuration for that all correct. It took some doing out of the box, had to run windows updates, grab drivers, all that fun stuff.

I would expect tracks I have punched cue on, those tracks to be pushed to the cue half of the headphone mixer for previewing. And the master half of the mixer to just be playing what the master is playing. And center is the blend of the two.

Well...When I am at max cue (all the way left <<<), nothing plays, regardless of whether or not channel cues are on or off, nor the master cue is on or off. When I am at center, whatever is on cue will play thru the phones. At max master (all the way right >>>) there is no change in the headphones from what plays at center.

Hopefully, I'm just overlooking one feature or another that can explain what's happening, or I could be a total dufus and be misunderstanding the functionality altogether.

I found the headphone mixer on my old controller to just intuitively work as expected.

Posted Sun 19 Apr 20 @ 10:02 pm

Posted Mon 20 Apr 20 @ 12:22 am
Setting the headphone output to ASIO instead of WASAPI and moving to channel 3/4 did it.

Thank you!

Posted Thu 23 Apr 20 @ 11:49 pm
I'm just wondering: why doesn't it work with WASAPI? I have the same issue with WASAPI. But I would use WASAPI, because ASIO gives me crackling sounds, even when adapting latency parameters.

Posted Wed 07 Apr 21 @ 6:13 am
If you're having issues with ASIO you should troubleshoot the cause of your issues.
Switching to WASAPI may seam like a fix, but in reality it just increases the latency on the 22ms area.
I'm pretty sure that if you set ASIO to 22ms latency you won't hear crackles, but 22ms is a lot of latency for modern systems.
As for the reason heapdhones don't work properly with WASAPI, that's because of the way the sound interface of DDJ-1000 is designed.
It's not the only sound interface that does this.
A lot controller sound interfaces expose just one set of speakers in WASAPI mode (master) and require ASIO drivers to expose the rest inputs/outputs in order to work correctly with DJ software.

Posted Wed 07 Apr 21 @ 6:29 am