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Topic: What licences are needed?
Hi Im trying to do a live stream to Facebook but I keep getting chucked out. I have the pro licence so surely Im covered by that. Do I need anything else to cover me?

Posted Sat 28 Mar 20 @ 12:41 pm
user20196642 wrote :
I have the pro licence so surely Im covered by that

No. The VDJ Pro license (or subscription in your case) is for the software. It does not include the right to broadcast copyrighted music or video.

You didn't specify which country you are in, but each part of the world has its own organization which handles copyright licensing. You need to buy the appropriate license for broadcasting in your country.

Even if you have the correct license, it's not necessarily going to be recognised by a social media platform such as Facebook, because that's not really a platform for broadcasting music.

Posted Sat 28 Mar 20 @ 1:07 pm