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Topic: Pressing play triggers 1/8 loop that won't stop.
I feel like this may be a simple solution as I recently purchased VDJ Infinity. Whenever I press "play" the track just enters an 1/8 beat loop. Pressing stop will stop the track but, I can't get out of the loop. I've tried everything and am not unfamiliar with this program. Has anyone else had this problem?

Posted 4 days ago @ 3:12 pm

Like you hint at, you probably have a 1/8 loop active.
Press the loop out button, or the 1/8 display in the skin, and the loop should dis-activate.

Also, loading new song clears the loop, if not - do you have some custom script or mapper?
Or perhaps some sticky button on keyboard / controller that constantly sends new loop on messages? (try without controller connected if it still happens, try setting keyboard mapper to "Ignore" to check that)

Posted 4 days ago @ 4:50 pm
I see this if my sound card is not available. Are you using a controller or external sound card?

Posted 3 days ago @ 2:32 pm