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Topic: American Audio VMS 4.1 - One Deck in CD Mode, one in Vinyl
Hi there VDJ world

Been trying to find out why this is happening. I am evaluating the latest VDJ before I commit to buying a licence, but when I connect my VMS 4.1, the (set up for 8/8) the left hand deck seems to be set to CD mode, whilst the right hand deck is in Vinly mode.
Basically, when cuing up the left hand deck, and I try to spin it back to beat match, it just makes the music slower, rather than the RHS which spins the music as if you were using a vinyl deck.
I have the current drivers installed, and the laptop I am using is a brand new gaming HP

All suggestions would be welcomed.


Posted Mon 16 Mar 20 @ 10:07 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
turn vinyl mode on for that deck...

Posted Mon 16 Mar 20 @ 10:35 pm
It is on for both decks, hence the post

Posted Tue 17 Mar 20 @ 9:03 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
is that what the skin says?

Posted Tue 17 Mar 20 @ 9:25 pm
the 4.1 has a manual vinyl button. Don't quite understand where it would be on the skin?

Posted Wed 18 Mar 20 @ 9:07 pm
So, re-installed the ASIO drivers, and it works now. But the master volume doe not alter the min volume, but the individual deck volumes work. Why is this??

Posted 5 days ago @ 9:47 pm