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Topic: Denon MCX8000
Ok so it’s been out awhile, who here is using it and what are your experiences (good & bad) thus far??

I want to know about it’s use with VDJ as well as in stand alone mode please and Tha is for the time and info.

Posted Mon 16 Mar 20 @ 3:26 pm
100 percent perfect with VDJ. You can also have it working between VDJ and standalone at the flick of a switch. Totally seamless.

Standalone works but not great. Wouldn't use it for a club gig but ok for a small party or background. Engine Prime is still messy.

Some units suffer from freezing screens due to a chip fault but only older ones and Denon will fix free of charge if it happens.
Some people report the play, pause, cue buttons collapsing in to the unit but no issues here.

Sound output is clear and mic channels are good. EQ on the Xlr booth out is a bonus.

I bought a second one and have my original repaired one as a spare.

I would recommend it, great VDJ controller.

Posted Mon 16 Mar 20 @ 3:39 pm
YES!! It was the seamless changeover that really caught my eye!! It just seemed perfect!!

I think I’ll ditch this SR2 and grab one.

Thanks Keith!! I know your a working dj so input is well respected.

If anyone else would like to chime in feel free please.

Posted Mon 16 Mar 20 @ 4:50 pm
Keith the MCX also has that link port correct??

If so I think I’m able to use my SOUND SWITCH in standalone mode with that as well.

This thing is looking better and better 😝

Posted Mon 16 Mar 20 @ 5:05 pm
It does have the link port but in true Denon fashion it wasn't initially supported. You would need to check their forum to see if it actually works with SS but I think it probably does.

I just use ShowXpress for my moving heads as SS just confused the hell out of me.

Posted Mon 16 Mar 20 @ 5:38 pm
Denon now own SoundSwitch BTW...

Posted Mon 16 Mar 20 @ 5:39 pm
I was thinking of buying one but ive just checked only to find that most large retailers are listing it as discontinued

Posted Mon 16 Mar 20 @ 6:42 pm
I bought a new one in December from Thomann. Really good price too (£776)

Looks like Thomann still have stock:

It's a shame it's discontinued as the Prime 4 doesn't hit the spot for me.

Posted Mon 16 Mar 20 @ 6:47 pm
I have had an ongoing issue with my unit.
When I plug in a Shure SM58 or my AKG SR40 wireless mics, they do not work at all.
Industry standard mics.....Bizarre!
Plug in a cheapo Numark and it works just fine.....Go figure.
The other mics work fine on all my other an MCX8000 issue that I have not been able to resolve.

Apart from that, I love it and it's the best unit I have ever had

Posted Mon 16 Mar 20 @ 8:38 pm
No idea why at all.

Every single mic I have works with my one, including an expensive Sennheiser radio setup.

Did you try both XLR and Jack inputs on both mic channels?

Posted Mon 16 Mar 20 @ 8:41 pm
Yep...done all that....they refuse to work....

Posted Tue 17 Mar 20 @ 2:01 pm
Must be a hardware fault I guess.

Posted Tue 17 Mar 20 @ 2:16 pm
I have denon mc8000 and it works fine, no issues with mic but I would like to point out that you have to go to settings and adjust mic settings for some mics maybe that is the issue with the guy that have problems with the mic on the other hand, stand alone is useless very limited in effects and it does not read many music formats, and you do have to be gentle with the cue play buttons as they do tend to colapse into unit, I have mine collapsed while it was under warranty and denon fixed free of charge screen freezing no issues and I been having my controller since lunch date

Posted Thu 19 Mar 20 @ 1:35 pm
Still haven’t picked one up yet because of all the virus craze right now but here’s what SS sent when I asked if they would work with the Denon MC-8000 would work in standalone mode with SoundSwitch,

Between what y’all have said about it and now SoundSwitch saying that, it’s pretty much a done deal for me.

Now I gotta sit back and let this virus calm down before I purchase it.

Posted 2 days ago @ 6:55 pm
Not sure how that would work. The stagelinq port on the back of the MCX isn't operational from what I understand.

Posted 2 days ago @ 7:29 pm