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Topic: Duplicates Filter + 1
Hi Team,

I just discovered the Filter Duplicates feature. Wow, this is power clean up utility. It identified over 30,000 duplicate tracks in my database. My question is there a way to get VDJ to display just the copy and not the original? This way I could highlight just the copy and delete in in seconds. I am not worried about loosing a song here and there as my database is backed up several times.

If this feature is not available please consider adding it.


Posted Sun 15 Mar 20 @ 1:20 pm
If you make this filter please have it present the highest quality based on bitrate as the one to keep.

Posted Sun 15 Mar 20 @ 1:27 pm
it already exists

Posted Sun 15 Mar 20 @ 2:28 pm
So how do I select only the copies to delete and leave at least one?

Posted Sun 15 Mar 20 @ 4:37 pm
sonisphere wrote :
So how do I select only the copies to delete and leave at least one?

Just scroll through the results, pick the ones you dont want, and delete
(rightclick and choose "remove from search db" to remove from VirtualDJ, or rightclick and choose "file operations => delete" to also remove from hard drive)

For easier spotting which one to keep and which to delete, you could opt to choose browser columns such as bitrate (to delete the lowest quality one), playcount, file path etc.

Posted Sun 15 Mar 20 @ 5:32 pm
Selecting through 21,000 Songs will take weeks to perform. It is my hope that the filter will automatically not display one so I can highlight/select all the rest and batch delete in one process.

I would be very grateful.

Thank you.

Posted Sun 15 Mar 20 @ 7:10 pm
I dont think an automatic would be easy or even "possible" ... there are considerations to be taken on what file to delete, and these are often personal and even taste based. And needs a human consideration and decision often,. Because what is a "duplicate", it all depends ..

Say you have a song called : Prince - Kiss (Remix) .. twice. This might be 2 different remixes, and you want to keep both ("ambiguous" tagging) or not. '
And say you have Prince - Kiss both in a folder called "Best of 80s" and in "Prince - Top Hits" .. which one to keep and which one to delete, or keep both.
And then there are considerations such as do you want to keep the one that you have already played most (to keep playcount) or do you want to just delete this one since it has a tiny bit lower bitrate, than the duplicate.

I dont think there is any easy or wanted way to make this automatic ;-)

You can batch delete though, but you have to select criteria for it. Say you sort by bitrate, you can batch delete the low ones in one go, inside VDJ.Or if you sort by folder location, you can batch delte all those in the folder you dont care to keep etc etc

Posted Sun 15 Mar 20 @ 7:22 pm