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Topic: VDJ 2020 - Automix issues
NrgPlyrPRO InfinityMember since 2004
Hey all - I searched for a thread on this but couldn't find one. What's up with the Automix in the new software? Was trying to set up a few songs to hit the bathroom and/or host a contest and this thing is like cutting right over on songs in smart mode. Where's the gradual 8-16 beat bpm syncd automix? I've looked at the settings and cant see what would need to be changed. Why'd they mess with this? It worked fine before!! Help! I rarely use this but when needed it's a lifesaver and helps when solo.

Also - what happened to the smart sort?? Is that gone now? Use to be able to just click on a folder and have it smart sorry for what is close BPM etc wise.

Posted Sat 15 Feb 20 @ 4:29 am
I didn't know there was a "smart sort".. I usually smart mix by hand but there has been occasions were I wanted to play a song but could not find a song to pair with it. Other than that, I've not had any issues with Automix myself. I am running the 64bit version (not that it should matter).


Posted 5 days ago @ 4:27 am