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Topic: idjpool mistake
i subscribed to the idjpool a few minutes ago and i already regret it.
apparently when you download a song you aren't actually downloading it?
i dont understand why virtual dj wouldnt allow me to have the song in mp3
i seriously think i will be cancelling my subscription as well as need to think about if virtual dj is the right program to use if this is the kind of things they do to their customers.

Posted Tue 11 Feb 20 @ 9:27 pm
It's a subscription system and the tracks can be downloaded but they are DRM.

This is not a music pool and you can only play the tracks in VDJ.

It does state that in the FAQ but I guess you didn't read it. It's not Atomix fault you didn't research the product correctly.

Posted Tue 11 Feb 20 @ 10:15 pm