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Topic: Export Playlists as rekordbox format
Hi Team
We are couple dj's using VDJ with Pioneer devices and most of the time we are not allowed to connect our computer on certain platforms. The only option is to plug an USB key with a rekordbox format.
The process of rebuilding a playlist from vdj to rekordbox with cues is a real boring task.
I am currently using DJ conversion utility ( to convert database.xml to rekordbox.xml but I can't reach a good result as I have too many tracks in my library. It takes time & effort , requires a mac os system and playlists are not managed correctly.
The idea is not to build a full compatibility with rekordbox gui & collection. The main goal is to be able to export quickly one or several playlists from VDJ to a USB key in a rekordbox format, keeping the cues (that is the most important point) so we can play our sets comfortably.
This feature could really bring a real add value of VDJ in the professional area.
Hope this enhancement could be achieved soon.
Many thanks

Posted Sat 04 Jan 20 @ 11:04 pm
I see 2 possible issues:
1. Isn't it an undocumented proprietary format, so that it may change? It will then probably change so that Pioneer hardware can still read it, but there is probably no way to make sure VDJ can still work with it if it does change
2. Is it open in the sense that others can legally support it? I understand that conversion utilities exist, but Pioneer may not care about those in the same way they would if one of their main software competitors started supporting it

If Pioneer documents it, and says that everyone can use it, then I think it may be a different story - although it'll still be a situation where VDJ then supports you in not using VDJ for DJing

Posted Sun 05 Jan 20 @ 11:42 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013

Posted Sun 05 Jan 20 @ 12:02 pm
@Absolumix, I don't think it's likely for Atomix to add export support for a competitor's software.

VDJ has been around (in some form) for twenty years now, and it's not possible to export to any other DJ software's format.

You should try asking Pioneer to add importing from VDJ. See how far you get. :-)

Are you using Mac or PC? There is a program called Rekord Buddy, whose sole purpose is to convert from one DJ software format to another. Currently, it's Mac only and does not support VDJ - but from what I have just been reading on their web site, VDJ and Windows support is not far off.

N.B. Playlists aren't a problem, as you can export from VDJ to a standard format such as M3U. It's the database info (i.e. cue points) that's the sticking point.

Posted Sun 05 Jan 20 @ 12:05 pm
Thanks all for your suggestions.
I had a look also into and Rekord Buddy. uses an export of the entire library, not only the databade.xml info. That means upload thousands of tracks into the cloud... Too heavy and not really interesting when your db is changing every day.
Rekord buddy seems to be compatible only with traktor and serato. I am a windows user and for DJ conversion utility I have build a macOS VM on virtual box .. that complexifies a bit the process.
Because our VDJ library is changing very often we need a sync app that could sync cue points that is the only gap to fill.
As notified by Groovindj, the playlists and the tracks can be imported and analysed by rekordbox without issues, the only effort concerns the cue points.
From a more strategic approach, pioneer is hardly linked with serato then traktor is a bit behind and VDG doesn't exist (almost). Adding the fact that clubs and festivals are bored with computer's DJ the only option is USB key in a rekordbox format. Moving to the professional world means moving close to pioneer, so providing feature facilitating this step could be a good playing card for atomix.
From a technical approach, looking at dj conversion utility, it takes a few seconds to convert a database.xml to a rekordbox.xml for 12000 tracks so i don"t think it is a big task to integrate a plugin in VDG (windows compatible !). Ideally having a push button populating a usb key in a rekordbox format is a must !
I have been working for 20 years for software companies and builing interfaces for integrating competitor's db was also part of our job :-). Rekordbox integrates natively Itunes db for example...

Posted Wed 08 Jan 20 @ 5:57 pm
Absolumix wrote : uses an export of the entire library, not only the database.xml info. That means upload thousands of tracks into the cloud

No, that's incorrect. Did you read the info on the Rekord Cloud site?

It just requires the database. Instructions are on the site.

Posted Wed 08 Jan 20 @ 6:43 pm

Posted Thu 09 Apr 20 @ 5:13 am
> I have been working for 20 years for software companies and builing interfaces for integrating competitor's db was also part of our job
Then its quite easy to write a simple text conversion utility that translates database.xml to rekordbox.xml.

rekordbox.xml is very simple to understand:
<TRACK TrackID="760" Name="Spacer" Artist="Sheila &amp; B. Devotion"
Composer="" Album="1980 - Canna-Power-Top 100" Grouping="Sortiert"
Genre="oldies" Kind="Mp3-Datei " Size="3697619" TotalTime="231"
DiscNumber="0" TrackNumber="49" Year="1980" AverageBpm="135.10"
DateAdded="2020-06-16" BitRate="128" SampleRate="44100" Comments="_ /* 80er / Oldies / Disco (70-80) */"
PlayCount="0" Rating="102" Location="file://localhost/M:/MP3/GENRE/OLDIES/SHEILA%20%26%20B.%20DEVOTION%20-%20SPACER.mp3"
Remixer="" Tonality="Am" Label="" Mix="" Colour="0x00FF00">
and so on...

Posted Sat 25 Jul 20 @ 5:38 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
hasn't the recent x6RB release sort of killed 3rd party conversion?

Posted Sat 25 Jul 20 @ 7:05 pm