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Topic: Lost OEM license number
Hi good day

I recently bought a nurmark orbit from a friend of mine and he lost the OEM license number of the controller. Is there anyway to get the OEM number perhaps.
i downloaded virtual dj 2020 and i can only use the controller for ten minutes then it cuts out.

Please help
Thanks in advance

Posted Wed 25 Dec 19 @ 12:24 am
If he was the previous owner, then the license is probably already registered (to him). As per the license terms & conditions, licenses cannot be transferred.

Your choice is to either buy a Home license for the unit (if you're not a working DJ), pay monthly for a subscription to Pro, or buy the full Infinity license.

Posted Wed 25 Dec 19 @ 8:46 am
why is it not transferable? when person before him does't own the midi controller anymore... it should move along, that's ripp off styling..

Posted Tue 28 Jul 20 @ 6:16 pm
The license is not the MIDI controller. Two separate things.

Posted Tue 28 Jul 20 @ 6:25 pm

Posted Wed 29 Jul 20 @ 10:45 am
Apna license kese banaye virtual dj me

Posted Mon 22 Feb 21 @ 6:01 pm

Posted Mon 22 Feb 21 @ 6:03 pm