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Topic: Video issue in version 64 Bits
henu_45PRO InfinityMember since 2006
I Installed the 64-bit version to try and find me that the videos will not be seen, only the audio will be skipped over the trays where it would tend to see the video solo falling in black. If you can not get an error in the configuration, simply my pc is not compatible. In 32-bit version works normal.

Mi setup:
Intel Core I5 M450
Integrated Graphics

Note that some samples downloaded from the vdj web site are correctly seen by all:

It has also been proven by uninstalling the driver and running VDJ x64 with the basic windows 10 drivers and it works fine. When I install the official drivers, VDJ stops working again.

Posted Fri 18 Oct 19 @ 4:30 am
henu_45PRO InfinityMember since 2006
Im Sorry!
For some reason if duplicated my post, you had problems of internet between my images and published without my consent. The complete details are present in this post, the problem of having the video drivers without installing and that the PC does not recognize HDMI, also high resolutions.

I tried tried with videoUseDXVA=NO and videoUseDXVA=YES. No results

I'm trying to figure out which video formats work since MP4 doesn't work

Posted Fri 18 Oct 19 @ 5:47 am
henu_45PRO InfinityMember since 2006
CDG= Works

TEXT FX= Works


Posted Fri 18 Oct 19 @ 7:38 am
I have the same problem, I need help to resolve this problem please thanks

Posted Sun 20 Oct 19 @ 4:43 pm
henu_45PRO InfinityMember since 2006
user8632935 wrote :
I have the same problem, I need help to resolve this problem please thanks

I have opened a ticket of support, I tell you that is the fault of the PC, but calls me the attention that without the drivers work well.
Without VDJ, videos reproduce without problems with or without drivers ...
What are your specifications on the PC?
It would be nice to open a ticket of support so that it gives us more importance.

Posted Mon 21 Oct 19 @ 11:30 pm
Thanks but I still having the issue I update the drivers on video cards and everything and nothing happens no video output, I am using HD Graphics Card Intel generation the DirectX 12 not find any problems. I have two computers with the same issue. I need help ASAP thanks

Posted Wed 30 Oct 19 @ 5:28 pm
Same problem so i reinstall my old virtual dj and the videos played fine no lag now im wondering why should i update my virtual dj

Posted Sat 02 Nov 19 @ 9:21 am
henu_45PRO InfinityMember since 2006
the official support response:
VirtualDJ 2020 de 64 bits está diseñado para Windows 10 y en equipos del 2012 para acá. Tiene manejo de instrucciones optimizado para procesadores recientes. Cualquier procesador anterior puede seguir usando la versión de 32 bits (para eso se dejó para compatibilidad con equipos que no vayan con la nueva versión de 64 bits) y el Core i5 M450 es de 2010, tiene limitaciones ahora para la versión de 64 bits de VirtualDJ 2020.

Si no funciona la versión de 64 bits con Windows 10 y DXVA=NO en su equipo, tendrá que usar la de 32 bits hasta que actualice el equipo por uno más reciente. Los desarrolladores del software consideraron esta actualización para ser usada en equipos que no tengan más de 7 años (de hecho al principio era para equipos del 2015 para a ca y aumentaron el rango pero ya no podían ir mas atrás sin perder las optimizaciones que buscaban). De cualquier modo he pasado su solicitud para su consideración.

(ENGLISH - Google Translate)
VirtualDJ 2020 64-bit is designed for Windows 10 and on 2012 computers here. It has optimized instruction handling for recent processors. Any previous processor can continue using the 32-bit version (for that it was left for compatibility with devices that do not go with the new 64-bit version) and the Core i5 M450 is from 2010, now has limitations for the 64-bit version of VirtualDJ 2020.

If the 64-bit version does not work with Windows 10 and DXVA = NO on your computer, you will have to use the 32-bit version until you update the computer for a newer one. The software developers considered this update to be used on computers that are not more than 7 years old (in fact at the beginning it was for 2015 teams for a ca and they increased the range but could no longer go back without losing the optimizations they were looking for) . Anyway I have passed your request for consideration.


They do not have much intention to solve the problem, so they thank those who prefer to choose the PRO version before staying with a cracked version. Thanks for everything VDJ Team!

Posted Tue 05 Nov 19 @ 1:18 am
henu_45PRO InfinityMember since 2006

Posted Fri 14 Feb 20 @ 5:13 pm