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Topic: Dumb DVS question
Does a DVS setup have the same danger of skipping as real wax? Or is there some software feature that prevents skipping?

Also, can you use just a single TT for both/all your decks if you map a button to switch decks?

Posted Thu 10 Oct 19 @ 3:02 am
DVS comes with some "tracking" modes.
All modes excepts "Absolute" prevent track skipping due to needle jumps.

Yes you can use one TT and assign it to the deck you wish to control each time.

Posted Thu 10 Oct 19 @ 5:58 am
....or you could buy a Rane Twelve. :-)

Posted Thu 10 Oct 19 @ 6:43 am
Thanks guys. I like the concept of the Twelve, but I read about a guy having issues in the technical support forum.
Per ZeroZuluBrav0: In the past week or so I have experienced random track stopping when switching decks with the Rane Twelve. Unfortunately the first time it occurred was at a 300+ wedding reception transitioning from the Git Up to Good as Hell, almost like it was waiting for the dancefloor to get out of control before leaving me scrambling and yanking usb cables. I had 2 more weddings last weekend and just left it in the trailer. I did an hour practice session yesterday and it happened about 30 minutes in, I was just making a mix for mixcloud, and about 20 minutes in, I got the same issue. Deck 2 was master and the outgoing track, I scratched deck 1 in, lined it up, filter, reverb, then crossfader to 0%, then i pressed the deck 2 switch button to start cueing the next track, control switched to deck 2, and deck 1 stopped dead. The play button on deck 1 is blinking on the skin, the cue button is not lit on the skin, I set custom buttons up on the skin (deck specific ones) to monitor the status of the 'RN12DeckBlock' variable, it switched as intended. This time switching back to the stopped deck with the Rane and pressing play got the deck started back, and allowed me to switch decks again without stopping. Yesterday however, the stopped deck would not play unless it was selected by the Rane. I could toggle pausing the deck by pressing the deck 1 and deck 2 switch buttons. I had to restart VDJ to resolve the issue. The incident at my gig occurred on my windows laptop, the other 2 happened on my windows desktop practice machine in my studio. all 3 times I also had a DDJ-XP1, and a Traktor F1 in use. The DDJ set to independent, The F1 not.

Posted Thu 10 Oct 19 @ 12:34 pm
ParisCreative has these Rane Twelve issues:
1. Random Wow + Flutter / Warble Sound. This seems to be very random, but there were a few instances where I would hear that can be best described as something you would hear from tapes or records with bad transports or motors, aka Wow + Flutter. The CPU did not appear to be under excessive load at the times I heard this.

2. Transitioning with automix. When playing on automix the transition between songs slows down and picks up. This is affected on the platter and the waveforms. I did just read where there is a two-deck automix option that I am going to experiment with tonight. But this should work on single deck mode as well.

3. Pitch lock. When manually manipulating a platter there is no pitch lock. Pitch lock only works on the pitch slider or on buttons (if mapped). This also happens on the NS7iii.

4. Platter speed adjusted with pitch. When adjusting the pitch the platter remains at the same speed. This also happens on the NS7iii.

5. Deck assignment. If you loose connectivity to one deck, the other deck unmaps.

Posted Thu 10 Oct 19 @ 12:42 pm
Another question:

Would I be able to control more than one deck with a single TT+control vinyl?

Assuming I had a means of sending a midi deck change signal (reloop neon).

Posted Thu 17 Oct 19 @ 4:44 am
Yeah I believe it’s the “tab” button, I could be wrong as I haven’t done it in forever but try it out.

Posted Thu 17 Oct 19 @ 5:11 pm
Thank you brother!

Posted Thu 17 Oct 19 @ 5:20 pm