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Topic: Denon 6000 MkII and video
ZamoodaPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Hey team - recently retired my MK I 6000 and now on the MK II. Having a small issue when mixing video. With the original 6000, i was able to use the CF to manually transition video. With the MKII and VDJ 2020 the CF is moving automatically and fights the manual transition. The X-link button is not releasing it either. What am I missing?

Also, Why is my gain changing virtually? Auto gain is not on. This never happened with the MK I. Is this a Driver issue?

sub note: I really hope you can map the Prime 4 so I dont need to use the MK II at all!

Update: Updated the driver from DenonDj Website and all good. All reported "issues" solved.

Posted Mon 07 Oct 19 @ 10:19 pm