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Forum: Wishes and new features

Topic: Karaoke Singer Rotation
I'd like to see a SINGER rotation for karaoke, like Lyrx does, keeping the singer in the order that they submitted songs. The list should keep the singer in the Karaoke Rotation, even if there is no song.

Right now, Karaoke is more of a Song rotation for karaoke. So if I have a singer that comes up and submits 3 songs at once, a couple other singers that submit one song I have to drag/drop the order around to make it right and keep the singer rotation correct the whole night.

Lyrx karaoke uses a singer list where a singer is added to the list and their song(s) are a subset of the singer. This keeps the rotation the whole night and as they submit songs, it keeps them in order. It will skip a singer if the singer does not have a song and go to the next singer automatically.

Posted Fri 04 Oct 19 @ 7:07 pm
cleio81PRO InfinityMember since 2012
I love this idea! It would be a fantastic addition for all of the KJs here.

Posted Wed 09 Oct 19 @ 3:48 am
I would love this as well. Right now I make the list in the karaoke then start making the next rotation in the side list. Then I drag it over after the first rotation is just about done.

Posted Sat 12 Oct 19 @ 4:46 pm
I'm all for this as well. I love the karaoke setup the singer rotation would be a great addition.

Posted Sat 16 Nov 19 @ 1:50 am
decca.4PRO SubscriberMember since 2015
Is there a way to increase the onscreen singer list from 4 to 6, 4 singers names are not enough and many people at my shows tell me an increase of singers displayed onscreen would be great, PCDJ display 5 singers, is there a karaoke skin available to increase singers waiting to sing

Posted Mon 25 Jan 21 @ 1:03 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Yes there is: create a new karaoke video skin

but rotation is an absolutely forbidden feature, even any way to implement as a plugin has been locked
(no way to write singer or keymod or reorder)

Posted Mon 25 Jan 21 @ 2:26 am
Why has that been locked? I do karaoke and DJ gigs. It would be nice to just use one software.

Posted Thu 11 Feb 21 @ 2:52 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
it's just a way of speaking... to say these easy things asked many times for years never changed
(and some other removed or broken instead of being fix and implement)
I agree, It was nice to just use one software (or two because of old midi karaoke, i even created a VDJ looking skin for vanbasco)

Posted Thu 11 Feb 21 @ 3:21 am
Yes, this would be a nice feature to implement. There are also a few issues with loading, unloading, changing the order of songs when in karaoke mode. Hopefully they will get looked at.

Posted Thu 11 Feb 21 @ 8:54 pm