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Features you would like to see in VirtualDJ
I'd like to request a FAIL SAFE backup of the program. Made automatic.

Either backup the program when you exit. OtsJuke did this well many years ago. Great feature..

Or we get a POP UP with any new update. First screen is a button BACKUP, that when pushed the Program saves all data. And that means all drive database.XML files. Not just the My Documents Folder.

I have a thread in the Technical Form about losing my Colors and CUE marks. I got lazy and just hit OK when asked to upgrade. The last several went well and was transparent.

This latest one with 2020 got TOTALLY screwed up. I have a year's work that is UN-recoverable. I had to go back to a Acfronis image done 2/2018. I'm sick in thinking how much work is in store to restore all my work .

So for idiots like me can you please provide a POP UP when a new release is ready... to perform a BACKUP? Hit one button YES... and bang it's done. I thought I could back out by reloading a past release, or using Windows Restore. Well it didn't work, and I've been punished by my mis-understanding.

You know a backup should always be done. Please integrate.



Posted Thu 03 Oct 19 @ 10:33 am
This has been asked for many times now. The backup facility is there but manually invoked.

Posted Thu 03 Oct 19 @ 11:48 am
Yes. I don't understand the holdup. Like I mentioned OTSJUKE had this like 15 years ago. You clicked to exit and a data window would pop up asking if you wanted to save your session. Ahead of their time it looks like.

Please Atomix. It's time for this feature to save us from restore HELL.

Posted Thu 03 Oct 19 @ 6:38 pm
Is it possible to write a script to backup VDJ when closing it?

Posted Fri 18 Oct 19 @ 12:32 pm
I'm behind you all on this one!
I've just had a hard drive crash and I only backed up my VDJ folder on My Documents on the hard drive that crashed.
Last online backup of my docs I did in 2015 so I'm about ready to hang myself with my power cord!
Please tell me there might be some way I can at least try and clutch at another straw.
Thanks in advance

Posted Sat 16 Nov 19 @ 6:22 pm
Well unless you had a backup there's nothing you can do. The functionality has been built in for some time now but it's not automatic.

Apart from specialist recovery on your drive it looks like you're screwed!

Posted Sat 16 Nov 19 @ 7:47 pm