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Topic: upgraded to 2020, switched back to 2018 to big problems
I dont understand how 2018 was affected by a 2020 UPGRADE, but I could not run 2018 without a pitch problem on every song. Pitch would be 30% higher on each loaded song and could not stop it from occurring. Also, on the 2020 version, The software allowed me to load a song on a playing deck during my show and did not warn me before it played. I dared not try it again but it really upset my dance floor.

Posted Mon 30 Sep 19 @ 3:22 pm
A similar set of anomalies happened to me when I upgraded my version(s) too and I went back to 2018 and now I'm back on 2020 and it's working great. I had to toggle a few settings on and off several times in Settings/Options to get it to reset properly and behave like in 2018. Another thing could be which skin you were on when you upgraded and also double-checking the new layout settings to disable what's been set to the new defaults. I think it could also have something to do with the settings we were using prior to upgrading from within the software and which versions you have installed. Once you get them resolved, it's smooth sailing again.

Posted Mon 30 Sep 19 @ 11:03 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
There are big changes between both and settings.xml are not fully backward compatible
When reversing to 2018 from 2020 better is to take the settings.xml file from the last backup

to prevent song to load when "playing" AND "audible" make sure settings -> options -> loadSecurity is on
depending on sound hardware set VDJ may consider track as non audible while it is playing softly - level slider under 10%

Posted Tue 01 Oct 19 @ 1:06 am
DJ FORMATPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2003
The deck you load the tracks to if the sliders are both up it will warn you . But the deck if you load to it why the slider is down as the software thinks . You are queueing and choosing. So it will overwrite the track .

Posted Tue 01 Oct 19 @ 2:06 am
yeah, Ive always run security settings on my decks due to my hectic pace in the booth. When the dance floor is packed with the newest hit, and you drop a couple's song .. wow the explosion of anger I heard!

Posted Tue 01 Oct 19 @ 10:11 am
VirtualDJ 2020 changed a few settings (only if previously they were on their default values) to showcase the new functions and make a better experience for new users.
Some experienced users may want to change some of those settings.
So for starters check all "auto" options and set them the way you like. There was no problem with pitch for instance. New version has auto-key enabled by default as it makes it easier to beatmatch tracks that have compatible keys. Of course if you don't like that function, simply turn it off.
In a similar way I don't think "loadSecurity" setting has changed. Perhaps you need to check it, or better yet, take 5 minutes time and check all settings, read their description and set them the way you like.

Posted Tue 01 Oct 19 @ 10:53 am
Hi, when i load a 4 min song for example, it only shows around a minute or less of play, how can I get the full song? It doesn't happen with all songs, just the odd few

Posted Fri 14 Feb 20 @ 11:08 pm
Don’t need to double post.

Posted Sat 15 Feb 20 @ 1:07 am